Teeth Whitening

Dr. Craig Mabrito and Dr. Ximena Camacho offer teeth whitening solutions for patients who desire to whiten their teeth and brighten their smile. Everyday use of coffee, tea, sodas, red wine, tobacco, and other staining foods can dull and darken the teeth. To remove stains, whiten teeth, and bring back the natural luster of your tooth enamel, our dentist may recommend teeth whitening in Houston, Texas.

Custom-Fitted Bleach Trays

Patients are given the option of daytime or overnight bleach trays for at-home whitening. There are two concentration levels available, one for sensitive teeth at 7.5% and the other at 9.5%. Custom-fitted bleach trays are cost effective and convenient, offering predictable results.

During your appointment, impressions are made of your teeth in order to design a custom whitening tray. You will be instructed on the proper way to fill and wear the thin trays over your teeth for your prescribed at-home procedure.

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Office Teeth Whitening Application

Office whitening applications generally take 2 to 4 visits to achieve the desired results. With the office application, no bleach touches the gums or is ingested and you will see an immediate difference in the shade of your teeth.

A stronger whitening agent is used, so teeth may be sensitive after the procedure and you may also experience some discomfort from protection that is placed over gums.

Custom-fitted bleach trays will be made at no additional cost during upper or lower teeth whitening for at-home touch up regimens.

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